'Blogging is meditation'

'Blogging is meditation'

Dale Bhagwagar

Each of his blogs focuses on different aspects of his professional and individual life. Bhagwagar shares his views on Blogging as a mass culture with Deccan Herald’s Utpal Borpujari:

What made you go for blogging?

Being a publicist, I believe that networking is a daily commitment, not a monthly ritual. Blogs are one of the best tools to achieve this.

What has been your experience so far?

I always thought that celebrities were the ones with fan bases. But blogs have given me many followers. Now there are a lot of journalism and PR students who claim to have become my “fans” simply because they are “bowled over” by my blogs. They have turned me into a celebrity of sorts!

Blogging often makes me look within. Regular writing for a blog is like meditation on the Internet. You feel the same way when you maintain a personal diary. Blogging not only sharpens my creative instincts, it also helps me project myself better, and strengthens my standing for acquiring new and more interesting clients.

How does direct interaction with people, not necessarily your ‘fans’, feel?

At the end of the day, ‘people buy people’. So spending time, interacting, pays dividends. Also, with feedback, which is a great feature in blogs, one gets to know where exactly one stands, whether he is an actor, businessman, industrialist or publicist.

How frequently do you blog? Do you think it is addictive?

When I started blogging, I wrote only when I felt strongly about penning something down. But nowadays, having realised the necessity for continuous updating, at times I do blog just for the sake of keeping the ball rolling.

What do you generally think of blogging?

Right now, there is a certain pattern and familiarity in the type of posts being updated. But with time, I feel, blogs are going to be used more and more like scrapbooks.

Do you write anything that comes to your mind or just focus on certain subjects on your blogs?

I have segregated the topics for my five blogs. The first one is about my PR agency’s activities. The second one is an education blog, targeted at students of journalism, PR, advertising, marketing and management.

The third one is a Q&A blog. The fourth one is a personal blog, targeted at friends and the extended business circle. The fifth one is a private life blog, specifically for very close friends and family - or others who wish to peep into my private life. This is the only one which has mischief written all over it. It gives an inside picture of my life and times.