'I'm destiny's favourite child'

'I'm destiny's favourite child'

Tough Girl

One can describe Priyanka Chopra as a tender coconut. Hard and confident on the outside; sweet and soft inside. Piggy Chops, as she is fondly called, may have been in the industry for just five years but one look at the amount of work she has done and it seems like she has been here all along.

With not a hair out of place, she easily plonks herself on to the couch and then makes a point that there is nothing that disturbs her.

“In the past five years, I have not taken even a single day off, nor have I gone out on a vacation but that does not bother me because it’s here where I want to be and I love it everyday. I thank god for letting me have a job like this,” says Priyanka who
was in the City to promote Kaminey, a movie which she describes as a “stammering love story”.

The role of Sweety according to her has been a very liberating one. “With every movie I try to raise the bar a bit more and playing ‘Sweety’ has been liberating that way,” says she. For the role, Priyanka has gone one step ahead and worked on getting her Marathi accent perfect, “Coming from the North, I did not know a word of Marathi. But since this character demanded the accent,

I kept a personal trainer and picked up the language and would speak to everyone. I think I have done a good job of it,” she smirks.  

Challenges give this actress a high. Apart from acting, she also writes a regular column for a newspaper in Mumbai. “I adore writing. It gives me a platform to channelise my thoughts and discover different perspectives about issues that matter to me,” she says while adding, “Yes, at times I do face a writer’s block but somehow I manage to get my article across.”

During the press

conference, Shahid Kapoor had mentioned that it is a woman’s world these days, “I don’t completely agree. We still have not overtaken the men but I feel we are coming close to being equal. Be it in any profession, the role of a woman is being recognised and at the same time, they are getting more opportunities to prove themselves,” she adds.
Having entered Bollywood after participating in a beauty pageant, Priyanka feels that it is still a great platform to enter Bollywood.

  “Anything that gives you attention is a great platform for films. But once you get that attention it is upto that person to sustain it. There are no shortcuts after you enter the movies. We all fall in the same category,” she explains.

So was the struggle tough for her? “Of course, it was hard but I am destiny’s favourite child. Somehow things have worked so far. In future if they don’t, I will work harder to make them happen for me,” says she.