This Mongolian has designs in mind

This Mongolian has designs in mind


Revealing his experiences to the City Herald correspondent, he says “I am mesmirised with India and Indians.”

Badral is studying computer graphics in image processing at Manipal Institute of Technology as a part of his four month internship programme. Despite the fact that he had many options to study in other parts across the globe, he opt India as he was always keen to visit India once during his lifetime. He says “I am very much enthralled with the way in which Indians treat the new comers. They give warm welcome which can rarely be observed anywhere in the world,” he adds. There is an old saying in Mongolia.

“Keep breakfast for yourself, share lunch with your friend and give your dinner to your enemy.” This is what exactly I felt after coming to India with the warm gestures here, he said.

Badral says that he had no difficulty except the huge number of people and traffic mess. There are lots of people everywhere you go, he tells and adds it is really difficult to make out the directions with a large number of rushing vehicles. Besides Manipal, he has visited Coorg that made him get immersed in the nature’s boutique and Badral was just short of words expressing his love for the place.   

Badral had come to Manipal on August 1 and will leave back to Mongolia during the end of November.

Revealing some fascinating facets about his home country, Badral says the most important festival celebrated in Mongolia is the New Year celebrations. “Tsagaan Sar” during which people start off new life through cleansing their bodies and minds. The main Buddhist monastery holds Tsagaan Sar prayer, he informed.

Badral feels that the family system practiced in Mongolia is different from that of in India.
“Most of the families in Mongolia are normally nuclear in size following small family units.” Individual families are of major concern and we are not so much attached to our grand parents, he adds.

Badral tells that Indian dresses are ideal for the tradition and culture here besides it is also better suited for the climatic conditions. In Mongolia, there are some changes adopted in the way of dressing when compared to historical times. The usually worn dress “deel” is the traditional outfit. It is long gown with a high collar. In contrast, people today prefer mandarin collar, he tells.

Enjoying every minute details of his stay here, Badral says he likes butter chicken and chicken Tikka. These dishes are my favourites. Although it is spicy, I like it because it tastes different.

Badral wants his friends back at home to visit India and have the experiences of warmth and love.

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