Meeting Bachchan made me happier: 5-crore winner Sushil

Meeting Bachchan made me happier: 5-crore winner Sushil

"I am more happy to have met Amitji than becoming a jackpot winner... Given a chance, even a common man can become a crorepati," the young man said on his return to Hanumangarhi house in Motihari town from Mumbai.

"More than the money, I am happy with the fame and recognition that has come my way because of KBC," he said, being candid of the public attention being being meted out to him.
"I know that I am being treated as a celebrity today only to become a common man in near future... It is just a transistory moment of joy and happiness."

Asked what he would do with the money, Kumar, a computer operator in Chanpatia block of West Champaran, said he is yet to decide. "I have not seen so much money in my life before this.

"However, I am firm in my resolve to prepare for the UPSC exams for which I will take a rented house in Delhi for preparation very shortly," he said.

Asked about the game in which he clinched the jackpot through double dip, Sushil said the option was "very very dangerous" and asking an expert was the best among the four lifelines.

Kumar attributes his success to his wife Seema Patel. "She is very lucky for me. She is my goodluck charm."

"I am a simple man and want to remain simple, untouched by the overnight celebrity status that has come my way," he concluded.

Sushil's parents - Amarnath and Renu Devi - said they were happy as their son had earned them respect in the society. "Even those who never came to our house are visiting us now, thanks to KBC."