Mixing in some fruity fun

Mixing in some fruity fun

Cake talk

The cake mixing ceremony at ITC Gardenia brought people from different parts of the City together, for a cause.

Not only was it a fun-filled event but some of the paintings of the differently-abled were also auctioned on the occasion. The proceeds from this auction will go towards the training, learning, development and education of the differently-abled.

Those who attended the event were generous with their contributions. National Association for the Blind, Foundation for Action Motivation and Empowerment (FAME) India, EnAble India and Arunim were the four organisations that took part in the event.

“This ceremony is not just a fun-filled event but also has a cause to support. This kind of encouragement and support is beneficial for the organisations striving toward the development of the differently-abled,” explained Janaki Vishwanath, Managing Trustee, FAME India.

The traditional cake mixing ceremony took place when pastry chef Arvind Prasad and Madhu Krishnan, executive chef of ITC, took the spotlight. Close to 120 kgs of dry fruits and 30 litres of alcohol went into the mixing process. The ingredients were mixed and brandy, rum, vodka and other flavouring agents were stirred in.

Aravind Prasad said, “This year, we have added pecan nut, California prunes, ‘sultanas’ and some imported apricots to the list of dry fruits.” Mulled strawberry pavlova, raspberry profiterole, green tea opera, orange and blackberry frangipane, sour cherry and mascarpone creme brulee were some of the other additions.

Sharing his experience, Krish Ajjampur, a guest said, “This is a good endeavour to help the needy. This brings us all together and ushers in a festive spirit. Christmas is all about celebrating the joy of giving.”

Speaking about the auction, Cher Pradhan from Singapore present at the event said, “The auctioning was something meaningful. It brought people together not just for fun but for a cause too.” “This is a really good occasion to give something to the needy. It is a good endeavour from the organisation that will help the differently-abled to move forward in their lives,” said Julie McGuire, an expat from the UK present at the event.