It was an extravaganza to remember

It was an extravaganza to remember

Much Fun

The fest included a few traditional ceremonies, such as one held in honour of the Kannada Rajyotsava, as well as several fun-filled competitions, a rock concert and a fashion show. 100 colleges from all over the state participated in ‘Synapse-2011’, between November 3 and 5.

The festival began with the Kannada Rajyotsava celebration. The atmosphere on campus was filled with excitement as the students came dressed in their traditional best for the event. The gathering was addressed by the principal of the college and was held with the intent of celebrating the traditional spirit of Karnataka.

As the day progressed, the competitions began. This included a poetry-writing event, a photography competition, spot painting and street art. Those who were well-versed in Kannada could also take part in the Kannada ‘Just-a-Minute’, Kannada anthakshari and Kannada debating competition. These events saw a huge crowd of students coming in to participate.

Towards the evening, the classical singing and dance solo competitions were held. Many talented students took part in these events, showing off their skill and accomplishment in their respective fields. The day’s programme ended with a rock show, in which bands from 13 colleges put up a performance worth remembering.

The second day of ‘Synapse-2011’ began with another round of Kannada anthakshari, this time followed with a Hindi anthakshari as well. Other events like the medical quiz and an event called ‘90 Seconds to Fame’ were also held, after which the students gathered to watch different colleges put up street plays. The energy in the plays had one and all enthralled. The day culminated with a fashion show called ‘Style Act’, in which six teams of both girls and boys took the stage and wowed the audience with their sense of style and attitude.

The third day of the fest once more had group dance competitions. Artistically-inclined students could take part in the poster-making event, and others showed off their skills at street dancing. It ended with a DJ night, in which DJ Imran had the students grooving to his tunes. Gaya, a third-year student who was part of the organising team of the fest, said that a lot of planning had gone in to make it a success. “We’ve been planning this for one year now. It began with printing posters, brochures and banners. We then had to market the fest to colleges all over Karnataka, which is why we had as many as hundred colleges participate,” he said.

He added that the organising team this year had taken the trouble to change things around to get better results. “For the last four years, the same organisation has been doing the sound management for the fest. This year, we brought in someone different. This was his first time catering to something of this scale, but he did a good job,” he explained.