No tiff at all...

No tiff at all...

However, the two ladies have said all is fine between them and there were no tiffs on the sets.

“I don’t know from where this kind of news is coming. There is no tiff between us. We have just one scene together in the film and we spoke to each other on the day we shot it. Besides that, we hardly have any scenes to share. But all these stories are disappointing,” Deepika told reporters recently.

It was reported that a pink outfit made by a designer for the film, caught the eye of both the ladies and resulted in a cat fight as they both liked it and wanted to wear it.

“These are mere rumours. Deepika and I are comfortable with each other. The story about some dress and that we fought for it is untrue. Both Deepika and I can buy a dress for ourselves. There is no reason for us to fight with each other for it,” Chitrangada said.

The film, which also stars Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, releases on November 25.