Quarrying goes on despite HC stay

Quarrying goes on despite HC stay

However, the parties involved in quarrying have been carrying on the activities without any fear of the law. Surprisingly, the District Administration is remaining silent despite knowing about the stay.

Quarrying has been going on relentlessly over the last eight years in H Thimmapura, Piramenahalli, and Gomal land in Bilenahalli area. The quarrying parties have gobbled up the only Gomal land in the region and due to this the cattle in the region are left with no place to graze.

Acres of agriculture land in the area have been reportedly damaged due to the frequent blasting that happens here. Hundreds of houses in the area have developed cracks due to this. The local residents say that minor streams and Siddarahalla have dried up only due to quarrying activity.

The parties involved in quarrying have not taken permission from department concerned to conduct blasts. “Since they are using heavy explosives the environment is being polluted. Initially we used to get scared but now we are used to having sleepless days and nights,” says a resident adding that the companies’ intention of making big money has become perpetual tragedy for domestic animals.

The local residents says that not many years ago, the ‘gomal’ land was a patch of lush green surrounding, which was a natural habitat for many wild animals. They say that there are several instances of animals dying after being hit by stones flying from blast spot. The villagers have no records of the domestic animals, which have run away from the village after being scared by huge noise.

The Gomal, which once spread over 196 acres has been encroached by 25 companies for mining purposes, of which more and half are companies which do not have any permit or license.

Fed up by the activities, the local residents moved to Tarikere Civil Court in 2009 and brought a Stay Order. The Order was vacated by the opponents who went to the Court. Taking it to High Court, B S Ramesh and eight others from Bilenahalli fought the case and got a Stay Order again.

On September 27, 2011, Divisional Bench of the lower court upheld the first verdict of the Court. “It is one month since the Order was out. The quarrying companies are not bothered to stop the operations here.

There has to be some influential person behind this business. Otherwise why will the District Administration keep quite,” question the suspicious residents. However, the residents only demand authorities concerned to restore their right to life.