Gritty Prathima rules the roost

Gritty Prathima rules the roost

Bowling Nationals:Dhankot clinches mens crown

Champions: Shabbir Dhankot (left) and Prathima Hegde pose with their spoils on Sunday. DH PHOTO

The long oil game ended 216-213 in favour of Ashok, but Shabbir took the title with an overall score of 403 to Ashok’s 395.

The women’s clash started in a much more sedate manner. While both the men were making a lot of noise, fist pumping and high-fiveing each other, women were only concentrating on the job at hand. Sabeena, who recently became a grandmother, controlled the first game under long oil conditions, leading by a massive 59 pins.

The short oil, however, saw Prathima step up a couple of gears, making strikes at will. The National team member reined in Sabeena’s massive advantage to win the crown with an overall score of 379 (146+233). Sabeena could only manage 371 (205+166).

“I knew after I started badly in the long oil, I had nothing to lose. So, I just went for it and thankfully it all came together,” an elated Prathima said.

Results: Final: Men: Shabbir Dhankot (TN) (403, 190+213) bt Akaash Ashok Kumar (Kar) (395, 179+216).

Semifinal: Akaash (436, 202+234) bt Vikesh Kumar Jain (Del) (403, 200+203).

Qualifiers: Shabbir (423, 255+168) bt Vikesh (Del) (335, 171+164); Akaash (435, 218+217) bt Huned Khokhar (Kar) (385, 170+215).

Women: Final: Prathima Hegde (Kar) (379, 146+233) bt Sabeena Salem (TN) (371, 205+166).

Semifinal: Sabeena (318, 147+171) bt Anuradha Sarda (Del) (317, 155+162).

Qualifiers: Prathima (397, 194+203) bt Sabeena (320, 166+154); Anuradha (383, 182+201) bt Nicole Campbel (Mah) (304, 168+136).