'Pak moving towards destruction'

'Pak moving towards destruction'

Speaking after inaugurating a national-seminar on “Pakistan’s future: Implications for the region” organised by the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University, at old TAPMI building, he said Pakistan’s state policy supporting “Jihadi” terrorism is detrimental for the peace in the region. Pakistan cannot be normal state unless Pakistan army becomes normal army and go back to barracks.

As long as military dominates the country’s economy, it is not possible for any country to have healthier growth. Military should be under civilian control and the devastation of USSR exemplifies the implications of powerful hold of military on any country.

It is a tragedy that Pakistan is moving towards opposite direction affecting its neighbors. India cannot escape the consequences of rapidly growing self destructed unstable country in the neighborhood. India is one of the three powerful countries across the globe besides USA and China. However, both USA and China have complex challenges from their own perspectives.

A different type of cold war is anticipated given with the increasing bilateral tensions between USA and China, he added. Stating that USA and China support Pakistan for their own interests, the retired Air Commodore opined that Pakistan is supported by USA and China in terms of weapons, economy and investment. He said Pakistan is living on life supporting system since 1980s. There are serious imbalances in Pakistan that still remains medieval.

He said there is also fundamental ideology conflict between India and Pakistan that has intensified over the decade. India is established under one central principle where everyone is equal. Here exists the driving idea of equality of human being. In contrast, Pakistan is against the idea of equality. Pakistan’s dipping point of instability is a great failure.

The 30% Muslims in India are more democratically secular than the Muslims in Pakistan, he opined and added that the Indo-Pak relations will be at cross roads unless either India turns to that direction or Pakistan starts moderating itself, he added. Kerala former DGP Prof. Hormese Tharakan said the situation in Pakistan holds more importance to India.

If one has to study Pakistan, he has to study the history of India that goes back to 200 years. There is full of contradictions, internal dissimilarity and it is difficult to understand. Whenever there was a process to go forward in the direction of negotiations, there has been set back in terms of terrorist attack.