Waiting to take a good break

Waiting to take a good break

Relaxed mood

The Academy has its fair share of international students and also from different parts of the country. Those from across the country go back to their hometowns. The localites make elaborate holiday plans either with their friends or families. There are also a few students who have used this vacation in a constructive way. 

Metrolife interacted with a few students and faculty of the Indian Academy to get a peek into their vacations plans.  

Travel is high on the cards for most of the students. Jescar, a final year commerce student, chose to stay here in Bangalore. Her family lives in Africa and she visits them regularly but this time, Jescar thought she would travel across the country and do some sight-seeing. She does a bit of modelling and she has saved up some money for her vacation. “This is my last year of college and I really want to explore India, shop a little and get a feel of the country. I don’t know where I would be next year,” she says.

Asam, a second year BBM student, left for his hometown on the day his college closed.

He intends to spend his month-long vacation with his family and friends. “I do a bit of travelling in and around my hometown. I relax and sometimes it’s good just to sit and do nothing. I think I deserve a good break after all that hard work. I also meet old friends and hang out with them,” says Asam.

Students like Syed Zain Ul Abdin and Rabindran K, both final year students, have decided to utilise their vacations in a productive manner. Zain gathered some material and did some ground work for his forthcoming project and Rabindran has decided to do some writing.

Zain has specialised in HR and his project deals with recruitment. “I have visited software companies and met people working in these firms to get data that is relevant to my project. I have to turn it in on December 9 and it’s been a great learning experience,” says Zain.

Rabindran is a literature student and he wishes to focus on improving his writing skills.
“This is my last semester and I have made a couple of plans. Writing is a priority,” he says. It’s not only the students but the faculty too who are looking forward to the vacation. After hectic evaluations, they yearn to be with their families. Geethika Panth with the department of biotechnology can’t wait to spend time with her four-year-old son. “I look forward to this vacation to spend quality time with my son. Non-stop lectures become monotonous, a break always recharges my mind,” she says.

Vice Principal K S Sreeraj says that the college sends its students on industrial trips during vacations. “The students are sent in batches. They go to different places that are relevant to their project. They are accompanied by faculty members and a travel agent,” says Sreeraj. He also says that after the trip, the students will have to turn in individual reports. “NSS camps are also a regular feature during vacations,” he adds.