Undertrial vandalises judge's vehicle

Undertrial vandalises judge's vehicle

The undertrial on bail attacked the official vehicle of the judge parked inside the court premises and smashed its window panes. The local police arrested the man in connection with the incident.

The man in question ,Dukhishyam Patra, a resident of Buguda, allegedly had a fight with his sister-in-law and co-brother over a property dispute in 2008.

 Since then a case was pending against him and the trial was to begin in the Berhampur court. However, according to Patra, although he had been summoned to the court several times, the date of the trial was being repeatedly shifted on some pretext or the other.

“I was fed up by running to the court several times and therefore I wanted to meet the judge today to convey him my plight. However, I was not allowed to do so. I damaged the vehicle out of frustration,”Patra said.

“The matter is being thoroughly investigated and a case will be registered against the man subsequently,” Dipak Mishra, the police officer investigating the case, said.