No funds in CMC: Progress seems to be a mirage

No funds in CMC: Progress seems to be a mirage

A branch kept to indicate an open manhole on V V Road in Mandya. DH photo

The road on V V road near Ganapathi temple has worn off on one side and is inviting danger. The footpath works that was commenced a year ago has also come to a halt and the clean neat road is a distant dream for the citizens. Reason - no funds.

The open manholes at regular intervals seem to test the alertness of the road users and several pleas by the public to take steps to rectify the problems have fallen on deaf ears. Reason - no funds.

JD(S) which came to power with majority and BJP which succeeded through ‘operation kamala’ has failed to respond to the problems of the people since the past three and a half years. Shortage of funds in Mandya CMC and works given on piece contract work has left it poorer by Rs two crore.

DC P C Jaffer has categorically stated that works on the main road cannot be taken up immediately citing lack of funds. He accepted that it is true that the CMC has dues amounting to Rs two crore to the contractors of piece work. CMC chief M P Arun Kumar said piece work has been awarded at places where it is not needed and the contractors would not come forward to take up works if there are no sufficient funds.

Emergency works that need immediate attention only will be taken up, he added. The works can be taken up only if revenue dues amounting to lakhs of rupees are collected and also improve the profit base. Priority will be given to electricity problems, he said.

But there is a common complaint that out of Rs 30 crore fund Rs 18 crore has been allegedly spent already without much planning. The footpath works have been taken up despite the poor road condition and incomplete work in the name of development.

But the netas and babus remain mum, testing the patience of the people says anti-corruption movement committee city convener Linganna Bandookar.