Greens cry hoarse over work

Greens cry hoarse over work

Dr M B Krishna, an ornithologist, says that it could have been better if the project was taken up in summer.

“The lake would then have been dry with less water. Now, the water will be drained and if they are bringing soil from outside, the water holding capacity of the lake will decrease drastically,” he said.

Pressure on lakes

Cine actor and environmentalist Suresh Heblikar was categorical in his opposition. “The groundwater table in the City has depleted below 1,000 feet. The City is already heading for water scarcity. It is time we retain and protect the existing,” he said. Referring to the anthropogenic pressure on lakes, pollution and encroachment, Heblikar said City had metamorphosed at such a rapid pace that within two or three years it will witness severe water scarcity. The vehicular density has been on the rise. Over a 30,000 industries thrive in the City.

“One Cauvery cannot quench our thirst. The hope lies in water bodies in the City. The statue can come up elsewhere, not in a water body,” he said.

P Manjunath, a bird expert, also expressed a similar opinion and said although the lake now does not attract too many birds, pelicans were spotted before.

The birds were last seen in the lake in early 2000s. Even small birds like cormorants, coots and wag tails sighted here will disappear from this place, Manjunath apprehended.