All for a cause

All for a cause


Announcing this at a press conference in the City recently, Shobana informed that ‘Krishna’ is a dialogue drama in which classical folk and film dances have been put together creatively for the production. “It promises a canvas that extends from Vrindavan through Mathura to Kurukshetra, where my disciples and I intend to portray Lord Krishna — the man, his philosophy and why he is beyond the understanding of the ordinary man,” she said.

Shobana added, “It’s an attempt to convey the moral values propagated by Lord Krishna among the people. Some of the lesser known stories are also touched upon, including his role in Mahabharatha. Besides Carnatic music, the play will also encompass songs from Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam movies.”

Shobana said that writing and conceiving the play wasn’t an easy task. She met archeologists to gather information about Krishna, his ideals and philosophy. “It was all an attempt to understand why Lord Krishna is an icon among people. The dialogues are co-written by Bharadwaj. But this may not be the final script. There may be changes and I might add new insights, depending upon the situation because you never know when an idea strikes,” she said.

Popular actors from across the country have lent their voices to the musical. Shabana Azmi, Konkana Sen, Tamil actress Radhika, Suriya, Prabhu and Nandita Das have obliged to be a part of the musical.

“They all loved the script and didn’t think twice before giving their consent to it. I am glad that so many big names have come forward. Resul Pookutty heard that I was doing something around Krishna and he offered to do the sound,” she said.

 Shobana recollects that it was her students who inspired her to work on such a musical. The urge to work on something challenging and add life to it didn’t allow Shobana to rest until the final script was ready.

“The musical on Krishna wasn’t easy. Long practice sessions and spending hours training the students to make sure every step is perfect was a tough task,” she said.   

All the proceeds from the performance will be donated to Vishranthi, a charitable trust which is a home for seniors citizens and orphans in the City.