'HIV infected should not lose confidence'

'HIV infected should not lose confidence'

Speaking at the second-day of ‘Nondavara kathana’ organised by Kannada department of Mangalore University, she said “when my husband was infected with HIV 10 years ago, my family members began to consider us as untouchables. I had become mentally weak. After the death of my husband, my husband’s family members deserted me.

In fact, I was not even aware that I too was infected with HIV. With the support of my family members, I started taking care of HIV infected.”

The HIV infected should not lose self confidence and should consume nutritious food which will increase anti bodies in the body.

The support of the family members is essential, she added.

There is lack of awareness among the public on Aids, she regretted.

No justice yet

Gregary Patrao who fought against the government on the denotification of his land for the expansion of MRPL, said: “I have not received the justifiable compensation yet. I will not leave the land till I get compensation and employment.”

The government and the company has failed in providing justice to those who have lost land towards MSEZ, he said and added that the state government had directed to provide ‘A’ grade compensation to the horticulture crops while acquiring land to Nagarjuna company.

However, while acquiring land for MSEZ, second and third grade compensation was paid. With forcible acquisition of land from farmers, many farmers are taking extreme step to end lives.  Ravi Kala said that Anganwadi workers are used for all kind of government work. However, no social security has been provided to them.