'Kodava land demand' will be taken to Sonia

'Kodava land demand' will be taken to Sonia

Oscar attends Codava National Day as UPAs representative

Oscar Fernandes in Kodava attire cutting a banana sapling. DH PHOTOAddressing the Codava National Day celebration organised by Codava National Council, on Thursday at Gandhi Maidan in Madikeri, Fernandes said that he has come as a representative of UPA Government to Madikeri to take part in the celebration.

It may be recalled that on November 1, when the members of Codava National Council had staged a stir at Janthar Manthar in Delhi, Sonia Gandhi had visited the protesters and promised them to send a representative to the Codava National Day celebration.

“It is as a continued action of Mrs Gandhi that I have come to take part in the programme. I will inform her about your feelings, demands and aspirations,” he said adding that Sonia Gandhi has promised to discuss the issue of granting autonomy to Kodavaland with Central Government and the Home Ministry.

He lauded the Kodavas for their peaceful struggle that has been going on since several years for Kodavaland.

No political gain

Council Preisdent N U Nachappa said his struggle for Kodavaland is selfless.

“I am not here to get any political mileage or gains by fighting for Kodavaland. I am not aspiring to contest for Gram Panchayat or Assembly elections. Kodavaland is my dream and my aim,” said Nachappa presiding over the programme.

He said that any protest will have to face four phases, namely negligence- mockery-opposition and finally acceptance.

“We have faced first three phases over 20 years of our struggle. Now our people have to decide where we stand,” said Nachappa adding that he would not give up till his demand is fulfilled.

Earlier, a procession was taken out from Gandhi Maidan which passed through important streets in the city.

Kodava men and women in their traditional attire took part in the procession. The programme was inaugurated by firing in the air and by cutting a banana plant.

CNC passes resolutions

Codava National Council has passed some significant resolutions during the Codava National Day celebration on Thursday.

Apart from the main demand of granting autonomy to ‘Kodavaland’ comprising of 45 ‘naadus’ of the region, on model of Darjeeling Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, the CNC demanded for personal security to Kodavas under 6th Schedule of the Constitution along with financial security and autonomy.

They said that CNC should be taken as private participant in the proposed Kodava University and Kodava Shastra Adhyana Kendra and these should be set up on the ‘Kodava Kund’ land.Recognition of Kodavas as traditional tribal community and providing them reservation in education, employment etc is a must said CNC in its resolution.The members who took part in the programme lifted their hands in consent to this resolution.

Oscar in Kodava attire

When Oscar Fernandes made an appearance on the stage wearing a traditional Kodava attire people could not stop admiring and clapping for him. This small gesture and sign of respect shown by Fernandes touched the hearts of the people.

CNC presented a traditional ‘Peeche Kathi’ to him and a traditional Kodava saree to his wife Blossom Fernandes. CNC also gifted a saree to AICC Chairperson Sonia Gandhi as a mark of love and affection.