2G: judge objects to use of mobiles, says they will be confiscated

2G: judge objects to use of mobiles, says they will be confiscated

Special CBI Judge O P Saini said such practices are "highly objectionable" as he spotted that the wife of one of the accused was clicking photographs inside the courtroom.

The judge, who had last Wednesday directed the family members of the accused to leave the courtroom for creating a "ruckus" during the proceedings, has warned them not to use their mobile phones, laptops, camera and othet gadgets inside the courtroom.

"The family members, relatives, friends/attendants etc, of accused persons are advised not to bring and use their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, camera etc inside the courtroom as it creates disturbance in the court proceedings, failing which these shall be seized and confiscated," the court said.

The judge has advised the accused and their family members to maintain the court room decorum and not to do any objectionable act during the proceedings.

"I may also add that these families of the accused create a lot of noise in the courtroom by talking throughout the court proceedings and wife of one of the accused was seen clicking photographs inside the court using her mobile phone, which are highly objectionable acts.

"Accused and their family members are advised to maintain decorum in the court and not to indulge in such acts in their own interest. Lawyers are also requested to keep their mobile phones in silent mode," the special judge said.

The judge had earlier also warned the family members and relatives of the accused not to create disturbance during the court proceedings.

The family members were celebrating inside the courtroom after the Supreme Court had granted bail to five corporate honchos in the case last Wednesday, which infuriated the judge who was recording the statement of a prosecution witness.