Lucknow comes to Bangalore

Lucknow comes to Bangalore

authentic Biryani, kheer and parantha.

Whether one is in the mood for a melt-in-the-mouth galauti kabab, aromatic biryani or delicious korma curry, ‘Tunday Kababi’ seems to have it all.

Part of a Lucknow-based franchise, the eatery tries to bring the fresh flavours of nawabi cuisine to each and every one of its dishes. Santosh Mohan, who runs the outlet in Bangalore, maintains that this is what keeps his customers coming back. Keeping with this tradition, the eatery doesn’t use local masalas — rather, they are prepared, powdered and mixed in Lucknow and then brought here, keeping the taste of the food truly authentic. All the cooks employed at the restaurant are from Lucknow and are well-versed in the art of making kormas, ulti tawa ka parantha and of course, kababs. 

Not surprisingly, the main elements in the menu are the mutton-based dishes. The eatery serves three kinds of kababs — galauti, sheek and boti kabab. While the sheek kabab is made with spiced mutton mince, shaped into cylinders, the cooks aren’t as forthcoming when asked to describe the boti kabab. Apparently, they make it using a secret recipe that they prefer not to divulge and serve it with hot gravy.

Awadh delicacies such as mutton korma, chicken  korma and shahi murg masala are also available. The mutton korma in particular is a popular dish — customers can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s a classic Nawabi dish, with meat that’s been cooked tender and served in gravy.

Another frequently-ordered dish is the roasted barbecue chicken — deceptively named, since it’s as Lucknowi as the other items on the menu. The pieces of chicken are marinated in a combination of curd and special masalas for about half-an-hour, after which it is grilled to perfection. These dishes can be eaten with a variety of breads, including roomali roti, and ulti tawa ka parantha. No mention of ‘Tunday Kababi’ is complete without its biryanis. The aromatic, long-grained rices are cooked in the traditional Lucknowi style — they are spiced and mixed with milk and the meat, after which they are slowly cooked for about two or three hours.

The restaurant also serves mouth-watering rolls. They are stuffed with cubed pieces of boti kabab, which are mixed in a thick gravy and wrapped in a hot roomali roti. If anyone is really hungry, he or she can opt for the thali. Comprising a fish curry, a chicken dish, rice, roomali roti, dal, a vegetable curry and one sweet dish, along with papad and pickle, it’s guaranteed to satisfy the customers. For details, call 9742656064.