Over 'dosas' and 'kababs'

Over 'dosas' and 'kababs'

Canteen talk

Situated right in the middle of the arts and science blocks, the Josephs’ canteen is the place where students and teachers grab their daily food and is also a popular hangout.

Spacious and well-maintained, one can often find students sitting in groups singing, chatting and even finishing  their project work here. Monisha, a second year student, says that despite the presence of many small eateries around the campus, the canteen still manages to be a huge crowd-puller.

“I feel one gets to see the real Josephite spirit here. Come lunch hour and there is so much energy which you won’t find anywhere else. The joy of sitting with friends and sharing lunch and snacks is unexplainable,” she adds.

The canteen serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, which makes the students happy and content. Says Tharun, a second-year science student, “The canteen management changed recently and the new one is really good. The staff is friendly, they keep the place neat and even serve fresh and healthy food. I feel the crowd too has increased ever since they have taken over.”

In the mornings, most students go in for masala dosas or set dosas. South Indian meals are a favourite for lunch. “The dosas served here must be tried. The first thing everyone opts for is the dosa. I even like the vadas. They are crisp and even the chutney is good. There is a lot of variety in the food served in the canteen and it also has a good number of North Indian dishes as well,” says Divya, another second-year student.

Chicken kababs are quite popular among the non-vegetarians. Dinakar, a student, says that along with his meals, he always enjoys a plate of kababs. The canteen has found a place in the hearts of students coming from various parts of the country.

Dominic, a second year arts student, who has come from Mizoram to study here, has developed a strong liking for South Indian food. “Initially it was difficult to get used to the food. Gradually, I got used to it and started enjoying the various spices,” adds Dominic, who likes masala dosa. His friends Thuisam and Lalrindika too enjoy the non-vegetarian food here. “Apart from the kababs, the chicken biryani is also very good. It’s affordable and delicious, moreover, it does not taste like the usual hotel food,” says Lalrindika, a second-year student.