Glad Anna is ending fast: Supporters

Stating they were glad Hazare had decided to call off his fast, many however expressed disappoinment with the Lokpal bill the Lok Sabha passed Tuesday night. “All of Anna’s efforts seem to be going down the drain. He has been fighting for a strong Lokpal for years. But I am glad he decided to call off his fast. He badly needs rest,” said Usha Sharma, who too has been fasting alongside Hazare since April.

Hazare, hit by viral fever, said he was ending his three-day fast a day earlier Wednesday but vowed to keep fighting for a “strong Lokpal”. “I fully agree that the Lokpal bill tabled in parliament is weak and will not curb corruption,” said Ashish Mehta, a businessman.

“But I feel that now that there is a so-called Lokpal bill, we need to strengthen it and get it amended to match with Jan Lokpal bill,” he added.  Mumbai resident Tehmul Irani said he fully backed Hazare’s ideas.
“Congress is a seasoned political party and it is difficult to beat them. They have been corrupt since the very beginning,” he said.

Sangeeta Shinde, a business management student, said she was all for Team Anna's Jan Lokpal bill. “The government’s bill has many loopholes,” she said. “But I will heave a sigh of relief once Anna breaks his fast.”

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