It's time for a fresh beginning

With the year 2011 going to tick over and 2012 waiting just over the horizon, it is that time of the year when you start wondering what the New Year has in store for you. You may have probably started listing a few New Year resolutions and are enjoying the last few moments of liberty till the New Year count down.

A New Year often feels like a fresh start and is the perfect time to turn a new page. It is a great time to review the past and plan the future. A New Year resolution is a commitment that an individual makes with oneself for a lasting personal goal which will result in psychological, emotional, social, physical or intellectually progress. It is a great opportunity to establish new good habits and outgrow the bad ones.

Speaking to City Herald, Rohit who works in an advertising agency says that he has made up his mind to quit smoking. “There has to be a stop and I have made a firm decision not to touch cigarettes from the next year. I know it will be difficult and it’s worth giving a try,” he says.

Losing weight and being fit is another famous resolution people usually take. Guru Pai, who works for an IT based company says that he is planning to practice Yoga every morning. Monica who works for a BPO says that she has gained weight due to odd work timings. “I have enrolled myself in a gym and opted for an annual package. I want to reduce 6 kgs and keep myself fit,” she says.

Saranya Valsarajan who works in a media firm reveals that she had decided to lose weight in the beginning of 2011 and hence joined dance classes. “I have succeeded in keeping up my resolution. I have not set any resolutions for 2012. However, I plan to keep fit,” she adds. On the contrary, Mahima Bhat who works as an Assistant Director for Big Synergy says that she plans to eat more. “I have lost a lot of weight and am planning to maintain a healthy diet to be fit,” she says.

There are many who are all set to develop their skills and talents this New Year. Arron Menezes, a Junior Research Scholar is all set to sharpen his literary skills as he plans to take up writing. Being a movie buff, he plans to make some meaningful documentaries too. Dr Vidushi Shanker is planning to enhance her communication skills.

Journalist Akshatha Rao who is also celebrating her birthday on New Year’s Day says, “I had a long pending dream to learn a classical instrument. This year I have made up my mind to join Sitar classes”.

With the hectic schedule and mechanical lifestyle, many are overlooking the small pleasures of life. Communication Specialist Bhojamma B C tells  that she plans to take time out for herself. “I want to be happy throughout the year,” she says. Raj D’Souza says that he has planned to switch off his cell phone once he reaches home. “I have decided not to carry work home and hence enjoy quality time with my family,” he says and adds that he plans to take his family on a vacation.

When many have resolved to help themselves in being better, there are many others who have aimed to contribute to the society. “I want to be financing a child’s education without knowing who the kid is nor the kid knowing the beneficiary. I am in touch with an organisation which can make it happen,” says Vineetha Bambasala, a process trainer at RJ Errol from BIG FM tells  that he has resolved to help the needy people.

“I plan on raising funds for the needy and also collecting clothes, toys and other things through my friends,” he says and adds that he also plans to help people who seek employment through his contacts.

Dolphin Publications Private Ltd CEO Vasant Kamat and his wife plan to take their 11 year old daughter to orphanages and old age homes and make her give clothes and gifts to the inmates, rather than blow up money on parties.

“I intend to make her realize the plight of the under-privileged and appreciate the fact that God has been kind to her. That giving is more fulfilling than just receiving,” he says.

Making resolutions is easy but when it is time to keep them, setbacks seem to appear. Sheldon Castelino says that he has stopped keeping New Year Resolutions.

 “They never seem to work with me, hence my resolution is not to keep one,” he reveals.

Rationalist Narendra Nayak says it is not necessary to believe in resolutions. “Just go ahead and keep doing what is right,” he opines.

“I don’t wait for ‘new years’ to make resolutions. Any day is good enough to make a resolution and more important is to follow it,” says Research Scholar Prajna Rao K.
According to a 2007 study by Richard Wisemen, from the University of Bristol, nearly 78 per cent of people who set New Year’s resolutions fail.

The study reveals that those who have succeeded had common traits. Men achieved their goal 22 per cent more often when they engaged in goal setting, (a system where small measurable goals are being set, such as, a pound a week, instead of saying ‘lose weight’), while women succeeded 10 per cent more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends.

While resolutions can be achieved, most people simply set themselves up for failure. Do not get disappointed if you fail.  Remember that it is a stepping stone to success.

If you want to keep a resolution, ensure that it shall not phase out in the near future. If you are just one step closer to your goal, then you are better off than before you began. Pat yourself on the back and keep on going.

15tips on keeping resolutions

* Be realistic
* Make a specific resolution
* Plan a strategy on how to achieve your goal
* Ink it on paper or set reminders
* Start with small steps
* Do not pressureise yourself
* Avoid repeating past failures
* Tell people about your resolution
* Set a deadline
* Don’t give up if something interferes with your deadline
* Reward yourself when you make progress
* Learn from mistakes
* Don’t let hurdles demotivate you
* Get support from your family and friends
* Track your progress by keeping a journal

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