'It's time to move on from the past'

'It's time to move on from the past'

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Last year, he created headlines with his personal and professional life. ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan, who ended 2011 on a bitter-sweet note, holds his head high and is ready for his next challenge.

Still media shy, the actor becomes very defensive and thinks twice before answering any question. He is surrounded by people all the time and  manages to make heads turn when he walks into the room.

Metrolife managed to have a quick chat with the actor who made a brief appearance at a City hotel recently to announce his entry into the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) as part of the ‘Karnataka Bulldozers’ team.

“I don’t want to talk about what took place last year as I feel media has delved into it too much. It’s time to move on from the past and look forward to the future. Right now, I am concentrating on my movies and taking on CCL as well. As I couldn’t make it last season, I am looking forward to playing with the team,” says Darshan. He adds, “I have always wanted to contribute to Kannada film industry in every way possible and CCL is just one of them.”

Darshan, whose experience on the field is restricted to ‘gully’ cricket, says that it was easy for him to get into the game. “There was no issue of being out of shape and I am used to this kind of high-energy action. During the first few days, I had to fine tune my game. From then on, it has been fun,” he says.

There is no denying that he has a huge fan base, after all this mass hero gave one of the biggest hits last year. “I believed in Sarathi and when the audience accepted this movie with open arms, I was very touched. Now, expectations are higher and I want to take time before accepting more projects,” says Darshan, whose next film Chingari is set for release.

The movie, directed by Harsha, a popular choreographer, is slated as one of the films to look forward to in 2012. “It was an amazing experience working with Harsha. Till now, we had seen him as a good choreographer and through this movie, he will prove to be a good director as well. The film has turned out to be very classy and stylish. Stunt director Ravi Varma has done a wonderful job and made me do things that I have never done before,” he says. About the high expectations, Darshan says that after Sarathi’s success, the team is aware of it. “But we are going to give the audience a good film and hope for the best,” he signs off.