Lalu fixes up alliances, for his daughters

Lalu fixes up alliances, for his daughters

Matrimonial tie-ups

Lalu Prasad Yadav may be down but he is certainly not out. At a time when he is perceived as a political pariah in his fiefdom and no one is ready to have any alliance with him, the maverick leader is busy sealing matrimonial alliances of his daughters.

Having ample time to fulfil the family obligations, Lalu’s top priority these days is the wedding of his fourth daughter Ragini, which is slated for February 28. Her marriage has been reportedly fixed with Rahul, son of a UP-based Samajwadi Party leader.

Of all the nine children, Ragini is the fourth one with three elder sisters already married. And the remaining three unmarried. Besides, she has two younger brothers - Tej  Pratap and Tejaswi. While Tej Pratap is undergoing flying course, Tejaswi is a budding cricketer. The grapevine has it that Lalu’s two other daughters too may enter wedlock soon.

While fifth daughter Hema’s would be in-laws are from New Delhi, the sixth one Anoushka will, in all probability, marry Chiranjeev, son of Haryana minister Ajay Singh. Their weddings may take place later this year.

Incidentally, all the three prospective grooms will be non-Biharis and the weddings will be solemnised from New Delhi. The seventh and youngest daughter Raj Lakshmi is still pursuing her studies.

“Lalu is giving full time to kith and kin so that once he is free from family obligations, he could concentrate on Bihar politics,” said an aide, well aware of the developments in Lalu-Rabri household. With barely a month left for the wedding, the doting father is ready to play host to the VVIPs in Delhi, which may help stitch new alliances in future.

Daughters in line

* Chanda:     Third daughter married to AI pilot Vikram Singh in 2006
* Ragini:     Marriage fixed with Rahul, son of a Noida-based SP leader
* Hema:     May be wedded in a family from New Delhi
* Anoushka:     May marry Chiranjeev, son of a Haryana Minister
* Raj Laksmi:     Youngest daughter, still pursuing studies