Five rapists get life term

Five rapists get life term

A Delhi court on Saturday sentenced five persons to life term for raping a minor in 2011.

The court said scientific evidence plays an important role in getting a conviction against the accused.

Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau awarded the sentence after observing that medical and forensic evidence conclusively established rape having been committed against a 17-year-old victim in north Delhi.

Mukesh, Prabhans Yadav, Deepak, Ravinder Kumar and Rajeev have been sent to jail.

“Forensic reports play an important role, not only in catching culprits but also in releasing innocent people from judicial custody,” he said.

The court observed that several exhibits related to the rape case were referred to a forensic laboratory for examination.

“DNA matching technology is being used in modern times. It is a fool-proof technique as no two persons can share the same DNA profile,” he said.