People's Problems

People's Problems

Main road encroached

The BMTC has built a new bus station at Jayanagar 4th Block by demolishing the old structure.

Probably finding that the place is too congested to accommodate their buses plying through this junction, the BMTC has come up with a novel idea which makes commuters run for their lives.

The BMTC buses have occupied the pedestrian path in front of the bus station. They have also encroached almost half of the road in front of the stand.

This has forcedpeople to alight and board the bus virtually in the middle of the road and dash across the road to safety.

Earlier there was a skywalk connecting the two sides of the road. For reasons best known to the authorities, this was not popular with the public. The BMTC in their zeal to build a new bus station silently removed the skywalk, instead of restructuring the same for better use.

Can any one give back to the people commuting here the footpath and the road that rightfully belongs to the latter.

K S Someswara
Jayanagar 4th ‘T’ Block

Evict pushcart vendors

Many pushcart vendors occupy the busy road at 39th Cross, 9th Block Jayanagar between Reddy Hospital and Bannerghatta Road all through the day till about 10 pm,endangering their lives and also others.

Buyers just park their vehicles at will and hang around these pushcarts. The vendors also dirty the surroundings daily.

Can the traffic police or BBMP evict the vendors permanently?

Residents 39th Cross
East End ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ Main

Public urinals needed

Though Jayanagar 9th Block is growing by leaps and bounds, there are no public urinals. It is an eyesore to see people urinate in open spaces.

The 9th block area is highly populated since it is the starting point for buses plying towards Majestic, Shivajinagar and Vijayanagar.

The area is also becoming a commercial hub. There is an urgent need to provide urinals at a number of places to keep the City clean.

P N Srivatsa
JP Nagar 2nd Phase

Pedestrians need skywalks
A stretch of the Ring Road from Hennur Cross Circle to Nagavara is flooded with traffic round the clock. There is absolutely no place for pedestrians to cross the road.

It is essential that at least a road hump with a signal, a subway or a skywalk is constructed for the benefit of senior citizens and schoolchildren.

Will the authorities concerned look into the matter?

Bhima Rao
HBR Layout

No streetlights on BEL Road

The New BEL Road which has a very high density of traffic has no street lights. In the night, the absence of light makes it difficult for pedestrians to cross the road.

Vehicle drivers are also in danger as they cannot see road humps and potholes. The authorities concerned my take immediate action to make this road safe at night.

V S Ganeshan

A mess called Kanakapura Road

I would like to bring citizens attention the corrupt contractor-Palike nexus in defacing Bangalore through their unintelligent decisions and corrupt practices.

It has been two years since Metro work began on Kanakpura Road from Sarakki signal till Metro Mall. The stretch has become a hell both in terms of traffic and road conditions.

A new road that gets laid after much protest from people, gets dug up the next day by Metro workers.

The Metro workers have also put up barricades to occupy almost 70 per cent of the road to keep their equipment and carry out their work without taking any consideration for traffic.

The drains are also laid very badly. One cannot walk on the footpath as the drains are open and garbage and debris from the Metro construction site is dumped here.

Also, the Palike has diverted the flow of drains by as much as 90 degrees so that big builders like Poorva and Mayaindraprastha can encroach on roads to extend their entrances.

The current condition of traffic is so bad that at least three accidents are reported here everyday.
I request the media and Palike authorities to look into this.

A resident

Sewage flooding road

The overflowing manhole from Jogupalya Main Road, Ulsoor, has been connected to the drain passing towards 1st Cross, Cambridge Layout.

Due to blockages, sewage water is overflowing from the drain flooding the road. The sewage water also stagnates on the road.

The problem has persisted for more than a year. We request the Palike to take necessary action immediately.

Philips Rajkumar
1st Cross
Cambridge Layout

Road not repaired

As part of a road-widening project, a two-km stretch of KR Road from MM Industries to Monotype was dug up about two years ago. The bus shelter on the footpath opposite Shastry Bakery was also dismantled with the promise that it would be restored immediately.

Unfortunately, till date, neither the bus shelter nor the road has been attended to, inspite of residents and some of the local welfare associations in the area bringing it to the notice of the corporators concerned and the legislator, who happens to be the Minister for Home and Transport.

The dug-up portion of the road has not been asphalted till date and this is causing traffic problems.

In addition, the entire space in front of Uphara Sagar is utilised for car parking by the hotel. Our repeated complaints to the police, the corporator Jyothi and minister R Ashoka have fallen on deaf ears.

Prof KVS Rao
Banashankari 2nd Stage

BBMP’s responses

Grievance: Blocked drain in Pulakeshinagar

Response: In this context the Assistant Executive Engineer (Pulikeshinagar) Sub Division has submitted a report that action has been taken to remove plastic and other waste blocked in the drain near Wheeler Road, Cox Town.

Grievance: Repair road to prevent accidents in Banashankari

Response: The AEE of Banshankari subdivision has submitted a report stating that all the roads that had been uncovered due to BWSSB works have already been asphalted.

Grievance: Stray dog menace in Bommanahalli

Response: The dogs have been rounded up in Arakere every Tuesday and are being sterilised and given anti-rabies vaccine.

So far 137 street dogs have been vaccinated. In the coming days, we will sterilise the remaining dogs. Under the programme, all the dogs are released in the same area after sterilisat. Only dogs that are suffering from debilitating and incurable diseases are put to sleep. All the dogs that are sterilised are marked with a ‘V’ on their ears.

Grievance: A garbage dump for a market in BTM Layout

Response: In this context the Deputy Environment Officer (BTM Layout) division has submitted a report that the garbage on footpath and road divider near Madiwala Market has been cleared.

It has become a perennial problem even though instructions have been issued to vendors to keep the area clean and dump garbage in a specified place.

S S Khandre
Palike PRO