Two interns learn a thing or two about VC's office

Two interns learn a thing or two about VC's office

A one-day internship at Delhi University’s Vice Chancellor's lodge on Wednesday taught two students something about administration.

It was carried out with an objective to make the students understand the administrative system and thus, making it completely transparent, said a senior official.

Vrinda Gupta, a second year student of Statistics from Ramjas college and Devaang Sibal, first year student of Bcom (hons) from Hindu college, were the first batch of interns at the VC’s office. Their day started at 8.30 am with an interesting problem.

“The VC asked us to fix up the problem of foul stench in bathroom. We put sulphuric acid in the drain to clear it,” said Sibal.

Later in an interaction with VC Dinesh Singh, the interns were informed about the history of Delhi University.

“We got to know a lot about DU’s history. He told us Lord Irving used to stay in the viceregal lodge in 1857,” said Gupta.

In their next task, they were given useful tips to deal with the scores of visitors who come to meet the VC.

Handling visitors
“Ms Lucy at the central reception gave us case studies to teach us how to handle different types of visitors without burdening the VC and upsetting visitors,” stated Sibal.

The internship also included attending calls and fixing appointments for which they received guidance from the assistant registrar.

“We made the agenda report for the VC. While I sorted out his letters expressing regret for his absence at certain events, Sibal drafted replies at the behest of VC,” added Gupta.

An informal gathering took place during the lunch time which included other senior officials of DU.

After lunch, the duo shared their experience with other students, which was followed by a tour of the lodge university stadium. Despite getting a ‘royal treatment’, the interns realised that the work inside VC’s office is not easy.

“VC comes early in the morning and stays till late at his office. He has to go through each and everything, come up with proposals, read and discuss them, and conduct meetings. There is so much going on in just one day,” said Gupta.

The interns believe the experince will broaden their horizon. The internship ended on a positive note with the VC sharing his source of inspiration, a couplet by Kabir ‘Jheene Jheene Chadaria’. He has asked them to mail him the meaning of the doha within a week.