A display of talent and colour

A display of talent and colour


Visages 2012’, the annual inter-collegiate cultural festival of St Joseph’s Arts and Science College, was held recently.

‘Mock Rock’ competition.

Typical of all college festivals, there was an air of enthusiasm and competition amongst the carefully-dressed students. The ground was set, students geared up and the college decorated to welcome a large number of youngsters. The theme for this edition of the two-day long festival was ‘Utkarsh’, which literally translates to excellence. And a battle for excellence it was, with students competing against each other in an array of group and solo, cultural and literary events.

The first day of ‘Visages’ witnessed a large turnout of both student participants as well as spectators. Students from arts, science, management and even engineering colleges came for the fest. The on-stage events on the first day included ‘Indian Group Dance’, ‘Western Electric’, ‘Ice Breaker’ and ‘Mock Rock’ in the group category and ‘Indian Solo Dance’ in the solo category. Off-stage events included ‘Creative Writing’, ‘Sketching’ and ‘Cartooning’, ‘Face Painting’, ‘Collage’, ‘Rangoli’ and more. Each of the events had about five or six participants, either as individuals or in teams.

The second day of the fest began with an on-stage event called ‘Personality’, that was aimed at bringing out the student’s personality through a series of questions. Following this were the ‘Western Dance’, in both solo and group categories; ‘Beat Boxing’; ‘Movie Spoofs’; ‘Western Acoustics’; ‘Indian Filmi Dance’ in the group category and ‘Mad Ads’ events. The off-stage events included ‘Indian Singing’, a debate, a quiz and ‘Indian Classical Singing’ competitions. The festival concluded with a DJ Night that brought all the students together in celebrations. Professors-turned-DJs, Jason and Steve, enthralled the audience with their tunes.

While the number of students attending the festival went up in leaps and bounds, the participating colleges saw an increase too.

From 80 invited colleges, nearly 40 accepted invitations and sent approximately 200 students as participants of the different events.

St Joseph’s College of Commerce walked away with the overall trophy with a whopping 165 points. The runners up were Vijaya College at 135 points and St John’s Medical College at 110.

Kitu Zacharia, a second year BCA student from St Joseph’s Arts and Science College, who participated in the ‘Mock Rock’ competition, said, “‘Visages’ this year had more festivities and was definitely more colourful and vibrant than ever before.”