Soft strains of western classical

Soft strains of western classical

Gala concert

A concert conducted by the ‘Majolly Music Trust’, to mark its first anniversary, was recently held at the Alliance Francaise.

Right note : Usha Aron

The performers included members of the trust, who played the compositions of several western classical musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven. The event attracted a huge number of classical music lovers of all age groups from across the City.

The concert began with one of Beethoven’s compositions, which was performed by Usha Aaron, and this set the tone for the entire evening. The other performances, which included notes on the piano, classical violin, guitar, vocals and music theatre, also impressed the audience immensely.

One of the country’s finest choirs, ‘Madrigals, Etc.’, also performed at the event. The choir specialises in western classical music from the medieval age, Renaissance as well as the Early Baroque, and was indeed a treat to listen to.

The performers of the choir included Tanisha Herbert, Usha Aron, J W Johnson, Mohan Krishnan, Ravi S, Grace Biswas and Neecia Majolly, who is its founder.

Highlighting the intent behind the occasion, she said, “The sole purpose of organising this gala concert is to raise the pension fund for the aged and infirm musicians.” She also added, “I think that the number of western classical music lovers is increasing in Bangalore.”

The concert gave Bangaloreans a chance to cherish the western classical genre, who came with their friends and families. Rajit Haridas, one of the members of the audience, said, “I like western classical music. It is not loud and is peaceful to listen to. I’m happy that the concert was held.”

The western classical aficionados in the crowd looked forward to the pieces composed by Beethoven and Mozart in particular, and the audience remained spellbound throughout the concert. At the end, Majolly performed a piece on piano which was appreciated by everyone who had gathered there.