A day dedicated to dance

A day dedicated to dance


Nrityanjali- a salutation to dance, was organised by Kristu Jayanti College in the City recently where more than 20 colleges participated. This one-day fest was dedicated to promoting and popularising all forms of dance.

Graceful : A performance in the ‘eastern group dance’ category.

The fest had nine categories of dance such as ‘eastern solo dance’, ‘classical solo dance’, ‘eastern group dance’, ‘western solo dance’, ‘adaptune’, ‘western group dance’, ‘folk and tribal dance’, ‘retro duet dance’ and ‘theme dance’. The fest had students come in colourful costumes and in some cases elaborate hairdos as well. This celebration of dance ensured that the atmosphere is not just one of high-strung competition but also focussed on artistic integrity.

Every college sent its best team and one got to see some amazing talents perform. This is one fest that the college management and students look forward to. Principal Fr Sebastian Thekkedathu said, “This fest gives a lot of exposure to the students. They learn how to plan and manage things. Students compete with the best of talents from across the City colleges.”

One got to see professionals and amateurs share one stage. Some of the students said that they’d been learning dance since their childhood, a few others said that they got hooked on to dance out of sheer interest.

Naveen, a final year BBM student from Sindhi College, said, “I’ve never learnt dance. I plug on the earphones and do my own thing. Hip-hop, free style, Bollywood – are all my favourites. I mix and match as I please.” 

Dressed in colourful lehengas, Neethu and Pinky, both second year students of C B Bhandari Jain College, chose to participate in the folk dance category. “We’ve tried to depict woman empowerment in Rajasthan through the song, ‘Ghoomar’. We got the clothes made and bought the accessories.

It’s great to witness so many styles of dance,” said Neethu.  The classical solo category saw Vincent Paul, a second year student of BBM of Vivekananda Degree College, perform a bharatanatyam recital. “I began learning bharatanatyam after class ten. It was a sheer admiration for the dance form and an interest that drove me to enrol for classes,” Vincent said.

Vindhya, a final year student of Jyoti Nivas College and her team, participated in the eastern group dance and tried their hand at adaptune as well. “We’ve practised really hard for this. We’ve witnessed some good dancers and more than anything the crowd is ever encouraging,” she said.

Student co-ordinators Manu Thomas and Surabhi B Chandran said that they saw good team work come forth during the fest. “We get so much exposure and learn a lot at the end of it. Sometimes you have to work independently and that’s where the challenge is,” said Manu and Surabhi.

The judges chosen for the fest were all professional dancers. Xavier of the Xavier Dance Studio was one of the judges. He observed, “I find that the technicalities have gone missing but some students have taken the art form really seriously, others mix and match different styles. But overall, the competition has been tough and we got to see some amazing talents,” he said.