BMTC dithers on Avenue Rd route

BMTC dithers on Avenue Rd route

Narrow road chock-a-block with people make plying of buses unfeasible

What began as a temporary solution to prevent traffic gridlocks like the one caused by the advocates’ protest on KG Road last month, the BMTC’s plan to allow plying of buses on Avenue Road has become a contentious issue.

Even though the transport corporation feels the move would generate more revenue, the traffic police believe that it might not be a feasible option in the long run.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic)  had earlier told Deccan Herald when asked about the lack of connectivity in the Central Business District that soon BMTC buses would ply on Brigade Road, Museum Road and Avenue Road.

As the area around the Hudson Circle has become congested, leaving no room for additional buses to ply, allowing BMTC buses on Avenue Road will not only save fuel but also travel time.

However, Avenue Road being a prime commercial hub for several decades now, evicting vendors and business enterprises on either side of the road will be a Herculean task.

“Though the BMTC stands to gain if the Avenue Road is opened for buses, narrow roads and heavy pedestrian population will pose a  severe threat to movement of buses,” said a BMTC official.

Moreover, the BMTC does not plan to introduce its mini buses on the stretch. Most of the reports on allowing buses on Avenue Road are mere speculation, he added.

Priority Lanes delayed

The construction of priority lanes which was to be implemented by February 16 will be delayed, as the work is yet to begin.

Priority lanes will require demarcation of the left side of the road by the Palike. Under the first phase, the lanes were planned from Majestic to Domlur. If the priority lanes become a reality, parking will not be allowed on the entire stretch.

However, owing to pressure from politicians, whose vehicles are parked on this stretch, the implementation has been delayed.