Schools manipulate points under transfer category

Schools manipulate points under transfer category

Some reputed schools in Delhi are flouting nursery admission norms by giving points under the sibling category to even those candidates who have applied under the transfer category.

The transfer clause in the Ganguly Committee Report on pre primary education states: “An employee would be treated as transferred only if he or she has been transferred by the competent authority from one place or urban agglomeration to another place or urban agglomeration a year earlier and minimum period of stay at the transferred place is six months.”

However schools such as BGS International in Dwarka, The Indian School in Tito Marg and some of the DLDAV School branches among others are giving more points to transfer cases. 

For instance, The Indian School in Tito Marg has given 30 points under sibling and 30 points under transfer category to the same candidate.

“Candidates are marked  under transfer category and awarded 30 points. When I asked the school authorities if it was a technical error they did not respond,” said Gopal, an IT consultant living in Malviya Nagar who applied in 20 schools but could not get a single seat.

Parents add that there should be uniformity among schools.

“Schools are manipulating rules as per their convenience. Since last two years the Directorate of Education has not taken action against a single erring school and is letting them openly flout rules. This is not justified,” said Ankur Raheja, a Delhi-based advocate.  Ashok Ganguly, former Central Board of Secondary Education chairman, who was instrumental in devising the point system on pre primary and preschool education in Delhi said the main purpose of including transfer points was to ensure that people in transferable jobs are able to get their children admitted with ease. 

“However, schools are not being fair as they are not transparent. It is imperative for schools to ensure that the admission procedure is transparent. 

Till the government does not provide with a good alternative pre primary system the gap between demand and supply will remain.  “If schools are giving points under specific categories such as transfer they are liable to put up an explanation for doing so on their notice boards,” he added. 

Sumit Vohra, who runs a portal,, for parents, echoed similar thoughts. 

“Some schools have changed the entire meaning of the transferable points. Only few established schools are following these rules by not giving more than 10 points under the transfer tag. 

“A similar trend was followed last year. How has this not been brought to notice of higher authorities?” he said.