Doctors satisfied with progress in health: Bachchan

Doctors satisfied with progress in health: Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan has been recuperating at a hospital here post his abdominal surgery a week ago and now the megastar says doctors seem to be satisfied with the progress in his health.

Bachchan, who has a history of stomach ailments, was operated on February 11 at the Seven Hills hospital.

"The meetings of the morning with the team of doctors... the most trying for the patient. As you await results of their assessment, you wonder what new discovery they may have found that would immerse you in further treatment.

"But happy to note that they seemed satisfied with the progress and after a few closed door discussions, came back with a few points that would bring relief to any sufferer," Bachchan wrote on his blog last night.

Earlier last week, Bachchan had complained of acute abdominal pain and tweeted that he may have to undergo a second operation and his stay at the hospital was extended.
But later it was decided by doctors that the surgery was not required as the 69-year-old actor was getting better.

Also, the doctors decided to keep him away from any further dressings.

"Most of the repair is done by the body itself... marvellous piece of machinery... which is why you respect its maker so much. A better day... dressings removed, more normal food intake, lesser 'kites' and greater visitors," he tweeted.

As Big B is on his way to recovery, there are chances that he might be discharged soon, hospital sources had said Monday.