Performing with passion

Performing with passion

Biblical drama

The students of Christ University presented a colourful biblical drama over the weekend titled ‘Of Power and Passion’.

Subtle: A scene from ‘Of Power and Passion’.

Performed and managed by the students of Christ University, the play was directed by theatre professional Esther Yates and presented at the Christ University Main Auditorium.

Touted as Christ’s biggest theatrical endeavour till date, it truly was larger than life as hundreds of students were behind the execution of it. Be it the music or the dance or the acting, the students seemed to have put their heart and soul into every aspect of the drama.

‘Of Power and Passion’ had over 200 students from the university working on it. The preparations for it began in June 2011 when students from various streams started joining hands for a core team.

It involved various styles of theatre like a Greek-style chorus, a script in the 20th century english, the Christ University Choir singing melodious Gregorian chants, the subtle intricacies of mime and a unique version of shadow play. Though the play revolved around the passion of the Christ, it couldn’t be termed as a retelling of the same as Jesus Christ was not the central character of the play. Minor characters from the Bible took centre stage and formed the core of the story. The various incidents leading to the crucifixion of Christ were depicted.

“The idea was conceived last year. Esther had come to teach us as part of a theatre course and that’s when she was roped in,” explained Joseph Thomas, a student of CEP, who was the chief scriptwriter of the play. “The auditions for the play started as early as July last year with the script being finalised in November. Slowly, the set design and logistics were worked out,” he added.

Speaking about the script, he said, “The play is based on the passion of the Christ but it’s not exactly the same story. Many minor characters from the Bible like Mathias take focus here.”

Be it scriptwriting, direction, acting, publicity or logistics, the students were involved in every aspect of the play. They sang, danced and emoted with ease and by the end of the entire event, they seemed to have held the audience captivated with their good performance.