A soulful performance

A soulful performance

Classical Notes

They say music is a great healer and it was evident when Anjana Nath took the centre stage recently for a soulful rendition of khayal and thumri at the India Habitat Centre.

mellifluous Anjana Nath during the performance.

The event titled ‘Basant Bahar’ meaning colours of spring was indeed a celebration of the colours of the season. The khayal and thumri recital was a part of HCL concert series. While captivating the audience with her devotional presentation, her performance transcended the barriers of mind, bringing in tranquility and spirituality to the crowd gathered at the venue.

A disciple of Meera Banerjee, Lalit Mohan Sanyal and Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty, Anjana’s initiation into music was under her mother Kusumita Nath. As a recipient of the Sangeet Research Academy Scholarship, Kolkata and an A grade artiste with All India Radio, she has performed in various music festivals in India and abroad.

Thumri – a common genre of semi-classical Indian music is romantic and devotional in nature, and usually revolves around a girl’s love for Krishna. The lyrics are usually in poorbi and brij bhasha. Thumri is further characterised by its sensuality, and greater flexibility with the raga.

Antonio, a foreign tourist, who has come to watch the performance believes that music is an expression of love and helps in attainting higher levels of spirituality.
“I have heard a lot about Anjana’s performances and this one was an exceptional expression of her love for music. It liberates the mind from all pressures and stress and helps in attaining spirituality,” he says.