Cross-dresser MLA

Cross-dresser MLA


 The media savvy, chain smoker and eccentric Congress MLA in Nellore, Anam Vivekananda Reddy, shocked the gathering at a crafts bazaar in Nellore by dressing as a woman.

Anam at the crafts bazaar

Known for his carefree attitude, Anam shocked everyone when he draped a saree and sported bangles after inaugurating the crafts bazaar. Given his penchant for dark shades, he also applied lipstick and tried trinkets. 

Before the shocked organisers could even react, Anam went ahead and picked up a few bangles on display at the a stall and put them on his left hand. He then moved on to the adjacent stall selling sarees.

While the media pranced around the MLA to get the bangles shot, Anam pulled out a saree from the stall and covered his head with the pallu. As the unhurried MLA let cameramen have  their visual of the day, the sales girls at the stall had a good laugh.

Anam did not stop at that. The crafts bazaar catering to mainly to women, offered much
more to look around and try on. A few stalls later, Anam stopped at a cosmetic counter. The former minister asked for a lipstick and a mirror from the shell shocked shopkeeper - and got busy applying lipstick.

The next stall was selling artificial jewellery; he tried on a couple of designs the shop was offering.

The onlookers at the exhibition and the district officials had a tough time controlling their mirth, as the model walking the exhibition ramp was a very senior politician of the ruling Congress government.

However, the local Congress is not happy with Anam’s antics. “Dressing like a lady is a bit eccentric. Display of such  behaviour is bound to boomerang,” a local Congress leader said.