Make your struggles sacred

Make your struggles sacred


A lady with strained eyes, beaten up feelings and a forced smile, asked me, ‘I feel life is miserable, my marriage did not work out, hence I am divorced; my son constantly falls sick, financially I am in a bad shape, I am struggling.

Do all these have some purpose or is God playing with me and having HIS fun? I become impatient and restless in my office work. How shall I handle my impatience and my misery? I feel terribly tensed. Is there a way out?’

With deep compassion, I said, ‘If your marriage has failed, can you not treat failure as a learning experience? Failure is a fertilizer for success. Failure is God’s or nature’s purpose to teach us something profound.’

‘How can I do that?’ asked the lady.

I said, ‘Many times relationships do not work because men and women are not sensitive to each other’s comfort and discomfort zones.

This unawareness leads one to tread into the other’s discomfort zone. Once this happens, one is unhappy and feels the other responsible for it.

Then each one is busy maintaining a score of one’s hurt and settling accounts with each other.

To be aware of each other’s sensitive zones helps in understanding each other very well. There is so much of struggle in my life, why?’, cried the lady.

I asked, ‘Are you a sportswoman?’ ‘Yes’, she said in a soft voice. I asked her, ‘In sports don’t we struggle to reach the top?’ ‘Yes’, the lady answered.

Struggle is a part and parcel of life. Make your struggles sacred, give them eyes to see, ears to hear, and heart to feel, legs to walk.

Then you would have implanted sacredness in your struggle, which in turn will lead you up the ladder of success. ‘This would take time’, she said.

One should learn to wait with understanding and commitment.

We have to wait; our struggles have a cosmic purpose. When our agenda is not fulfilled, it gives us pain.

But the universe has its own plans. We have to wait and make our struggles sacred.

Surrender to the Cosmic plan; do not be a victim to your agenda. Greatness lies not in being strong but in the right use of sacred strength.