Don't shy away from learning computers, teachers told

Don't shy away from learning computers, teachers told

Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri has urged the State government employees not to shy away from acquiring computer knowledge as it has been made mandatory for them.

The government has made it mandatory for its employees to acquire computer education. “You would do well to familiarise yourself with the world of computers,” Kageri said after inaugurating the stenographers’ centre at the office of the Karnataka State Public Education and Group ‘D’ Workers’ Association on Nrupathunga Road, here on Thursday.

Clear pending files

The minister exhorted the government workers to focus on collecting information. He also directed the workers of the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to quickly clear all pending files. Besides, Kageri urged them to execute all the schemes of the DPI as per the scheduled deadlines.

Kageri promised to look into the various demands of the association.