Kate set to give Prince William 'a fashion makeover'

Kate set to give Prince William 'a fashion makeover'

 Less than a year into the marriage that transformed Kate Middleton from a commoner to a royal, the Duchess of Cambridge has become a style icon. Now, she seems to be all set to give Prince William a fashion makeover.

Kate has reportedly been clothes' shopping for her 29- year-old hubby and second-in-line to the British throne in an effort to make his wardrobe more fashionable.
In fact, the 30-year-old Duchess has been spotted at the Gant concession in the Peter Jones department store in Chelsea, as well as at Zara in Kensington High Street, 'The Sunday Telegraph' reported.

"Catherine loves clothes, so it makes sense that she should choose a few things for William," an unnamed friend of the royal couple was quoted as saying.

James Small, the trendy designer, said William could benefit from a wardrobe makeover. "Prince Charles always looks very smart, but I would love to get hold of Prince William and Prince Harry and take them to a good tailor," he said.

"I wouldn't change the sense in how William dresses, but I'd love to get his shirts fitted properly, co-ordinate his ties and stick him in double-breasted suits. What he wore at the wedding was phenomenal," Small added.

Prince William, a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, is currently in the Falkland Islands on military duty.