People's Problem

People's Problem

Insist on khata bifurcation

Developers of most newly-constructed apartments show hardly any interest in applying for bifurcation of the khata to facilitate issuance of individual khatas for flats purchased. In contrast, they seem extremely enthusiastic about getting Occupancy Certificates (OC).

If the BBMP insists on submission of bifurcation applications along with application of issuance of Occupancy Certificates, it would facilitate individual flat owners to apply for khata and also pay property tax.

The Palike is requested to verify IF, in respect to the OCs already issued, the builder has applied for khata bifurcation. It should take suitable action if the builder has not done so.
D Nanjundan, Jalahalli

Close stone quarries
The High Court has directed that all stone-crushers should be evacuated from city premises and near human vegetation.

Local goons and quarry owners at 4th Block, Anjanapura BDA Layout and near Florence Public School in Kidwai Layout continue to run the stone quarries by bribing police officers and KSPCB officers.

The dust emanating from the quarries has created several health-related problems including giving rise to allergies to the residents of the layouts.

A letter has already been written to KSPCB officers concerned regarding the illegal quarries, but without  response. The residents request the officers again to look into the matter and clear the quarries in the localities.
Suresh R, Kidwai Layout

Provide sufficient buses
The BMTC bus for route no 285 M, travelling from Cauvery Bhavan to Doddaballapura, was not seen of late. It seems to have been withdrawn by the authorities.

Passengers traversing the route face hardships as private tour operators provide inefficient service.

The BMTC is requested to provide adequate number of buses on this route so that people do not have to struggle due to lack of facilities.
Vinuth C, Ganganagar

No public toilet near BEML Gate
There is no public toilet near BEML Gate Junction on Thippasandra/Suranjan Das Road. As a result, the footpath has become a public toilet. Pedestrians find it very difficult to walk down the road due to the filth and stench.

The local MLA and corporator are requested to attend to the matter and construct public toilets in the area.
Guna Thantry, GM Palya

Extend bus timings
New buses were provided from Ullal Upanagar to Uttarahalli recently. The buses, however, are not available post 6.30 pm.

The authorities concerned are requested to extend the timings of the buses.
B V Anitha Devi, Kengeri

City needs cleaner roads, not colourful walls
It is barely two years since the BBMP spent over Rs nine crore of public money on beautifying the city by painting the walls by the roads. Now, however, the walls have regained their original ugly form.

The city will look beautiful only if the old glory is recovered, along with cleaner roads and garbage-free drains.

The Palike is requested not to repaint the walls and waste public money, but work towards having garbage-rid roads and drains.
Pooja Chauhan, Frazer Town

Complete work on manholes soon
The 7th Main Road in Kumaraswamy Layout, near the Ganapathi Temple, was dug up to replace drainage pipes. After the work was completed, work on a manhole was begun.
The big pits dug up have remained open the last two months, while bricks, mortar and drainage pipes were stacked up nearby.

The open pit poses dangers to pedestrians and vehicle-users. There are also children playing on the road, who are always in danger of falling into the pit.

The authorities concerned are requested to complete the work on the manhole in order to avoid any mishaps in the area.
Ganesh A V, Kumaraswamy Layout

Shortage of water
Cauvery water is being supplied to the residents of 2nd B Cross, Annaiah Reddy Layout in Dodda Banaswadi only twice a week, and at very low pressure. The residents face acute shortage of water.

The adjoining cross roads, however, do not have such problems, but get enough supply of water.

The residents of 2nd Cross complained to the assistant executive engineer of the BWSSB on the matter, which was also referred to the BWSSB complaints cell. The problem, however, has not been solved so far.

The authorities concerned are requested to consider the matter and alleviate the problem faced by the residents of the area.
K M Shanmugam, Dodda Banaswadi

Instal traffic signal near Cantonment rly station
Pedestrians near Cantonment Railway Station are finding it increasingly difficult to cross over towards Vasanthnagar due to too many roads converging at the junction and lack of traffic signals or even at least police to regulate the traffic.

They run the risk of even losing their lives by trying to manoeuvre themselves through the hoard of vehicles that zoom past.

The problem is especially acute between 9 am and 11 am as well as in the evenings, when traffic is dense.

Will the authorities build an overbridge or at least install a traffic signal at the junction, to avoid mishaps?
Michael N, Vasanthnagar

Defacing city walls and Metro pillars
Posters and writings are found an walls all over the city and even Metro Rail pillars. The BBMP seems to have softened its stand against people defacing city walls. BMRCL authorities do not seem to bother about such blatant encroachment of their property. Stretches of Metro pillars on the 100 ft Road in Indiranagar are defaced with posters of politicians.

Citizens of Bangalore need to be taught the importance of protecting and maintaining public property. Also, decency and decorum should be maintained with respect to the rights of fellow citizens.

The authorities concerned should strictly enforce laws in this regard and impose punishment and penalty on offenders.
K N Muralidharan, Sahakarnagar

Encroachment in Shastri Nagar
Residents of L B Shastri Nagar have three problems at hand. A statue of Infant Jesus was set up on top of a makeshift tent on the stormwater drain near the Ganesha Temple and the already congested road was encroached upon for this.

Second, the lake in the area and the green belt area near Saroja Fern apartments have also been encroached upon and building material have been piled up on the land. The lake is an important entity for the area, as all flood water during rain flows into it.
Lastly, a workers’ shed has been put up on top of the stormwater drain near the 7th

Cross for construction of an apartment. This tent blocks the view for vehicles that drive down the road. The authorities concerned are requested to look into the matter, as the problems would become insurmountable if not dealt with in time.
Resident, B Shastri Nagar