Writer's Garden

Writer's Garden

Writer's garden

He was absent-minded. He put the vegetables on the stove and went out to clean his bicycle.
Meawhile, the neighbours called out saying something was burning.My uncle rushed to the kitchen. There, he saw the vegetables burniing.To save them, he put some oil on them.
Unfortunately, it was not the vegetale oil but machine oil. So the vegetables got spoilt and were wasted! Indeed it was a comical day for us.
Omkar M. class VII ‘A’,  Kendriya Vidyalaya
Rajnagar, Hubli

A visit to the zoo
A visit to the zoo!
I was so excited!
Animals, birds, and fish
And so many friends to go with!

We went to the zoo
And stood at the ticket stall
And some bought candy
from the nearby shops

We finally went in,
We were in
With naughty monkeys
 and chimpanzees,
And snakes that slithered around
And packs of wolves and hounds!
Luckily, All behind thick iron bars!
Or by now we all would have been in their tummies!

We saw the Lion - The Zoo's King
And his family
And birds, bright feathered, singing sweetly!
We sighted several fish, swishing their tails
And turtles and other marine creatures as well!

So much to see…
So much to do…
The best trip ever
A trip to the zoo!
Written By: Amulya Murthy
Class 7 B SKCH (CBSE)

What grows  in the garden
So lovely and rare?
Roses and Dahlias
 and people grow there.
From the TV show
 A Gardener's Diary

Mother  is God
Mother is God
She helps us when we do a fraud!
she is a treasury of feelings
so she always gives us blessings
if we have mother’s blessings
no one in the world can defeat us
we should treat mother like a diamond
and never hurt her
then we can face this world
Sankalp S. Shanbhag
IXA Balmandir High School, Karwar

Time is surrounded by  a chime
It can be like lime
Sour, bad and sad
time can be sweet
just like a bird’s tweet
and if you will be patient
you might just find the best seat
if you can’t wait
you might faint
By looking at what you’ve got
its just like dull paint
so everybody has a notion about time
it can be sweet, sour and spicy too
time and again remember this,
time is more important than a thousand fish
Chintan Singh,