Over 'chai' and 'gupshup'

Over 'chai' and 'gupshup'


The name of this small rooftop snack joint in Indiranagar is self-explanatory. It will give you more of an idea about what is coming your way than you actually demand.

‘Gupshup’ is quite simply an evening time place perfect for chatting up (translating to gupshup in Hindi).

Located adjacent to ‘6 Ballygunge Place’, a Bengali restaurant, ‘Gupshup’ has shared ownership and influence. It is essentially a Bengali snack joint that keeps the six o’clock cravings at bay. And snack time here doesn’t begin before 4 pm.

Gupshup is modest in appearance, partly open air and spacious with silver chairs and ordinary tables. There are a few low seating options too that you can choose when the sun isn’t at its ruthless best.

The ambience is at best no fuss, casual and rather effortless. The focus clearly is on what is being served and away from the frills.

The menu is a single page long and lives up to the constituents of a snack joint. There are about 15 items to choose from, both lighter ones like fuchkas and jhal mudi and heavier ones like biryani and Mughlai paranthas.

The highlight of the place is easily the chai. Called Gupshup chai, it comes as a mugful of homemade refreshment. Spiced with ginger and cardamom, the tea served in terracotta cups is enough to get you going for the rest of the day.

Pair this with some authentic jhal mudi (a puffed rice-based spicy Bengali snack) and you have a light evening meal. The fuchkas, a Bengali version of the quintessential pani puri, are served here too.  For heavier options, try the Mughlai paranthas that come with a stuffing of egg. Fried crisp to perfection, these are certainly not for the calorie conscious.

A Bengali joint is hardly complete without its rolls. You can choose from chicken, mutton and egg options here and bite away on the go. Also worthy of mention is Singara, a Bengali samosa.

The Singaras are served freshly fried and stuffed with potatoes and beans on your table. These go well with the chai that is served here.

All the items are reasonably priced with the rolls starting at Rs 40 and the chai at Rs 10. ‘Gupshup’ promises to give you an evening full of chatter and a tummy full of all things yummy without creating the slightest dent in your pocket. ‘Gupshup’ is located at 612, 1st Floor, 12 Main Road, above Cafe Coffee Day, Indiranagar. For details, call 41521390.

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