Scorcese is a great teacher, says Dicaprio

Scorcese is a great teacher, says Dicaprio

Martin Scorcese

The 'Departed' actor, who has just completed work on 'Shutter Island', his fourth movie with the director, said that he and his co-stars are always requested to watch a vast number of films before working on a new project because Scorcese is so insistent on thorough research, FemaleFirst reported

"We watch a lot of films for lighting and mood tone, a lot of obscure movies," DiCaprio said.

The actor recounted that during the making of 'The Aviator' they watched 'House of Wax' because Scorcese believed that dialogues in that movie were "really snappy".
"He's the best teacher. I'm sure that there are professors out there but I would challenge anyone to know as much about movies as him," DiCaprio said.

"He knows not only the film but the editor and second assistant director of an obscure French film. It's weird because that's what he does, that's all he does, that's who he is. He's a man of film."

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