Teeing off in style

Teeing off in style

Passionate golfer

Golfer Digvijay Singh, who was in town recently for an ongoing golfing championship, is effortless while talking about his passion-turned-profession. He spoke to Metrolife about his love for golf and life as the brother of actress Chitrangada Singh.

Digvijay gives credit to his friend and brother-in-law, Jyoti Randhawa, as the one who introduced him to the game. “He made me take it up professionally,” says Digvijay.

Besides his friend’s encouragement, there was only one other reason why he decided to take up golf. “It is the only game where there is no politics. Your game is your own here. But in a team sport, you could be out of the picture if the captain doesn’t like you,” he says.

Talking about the IPL-inspired team format of the tournament, he is excited — but is also convinced that it will remain only an extension of the original game. “The concept is excellent. Normally, we golfers play a very individual and selfish game. It would be interesting to play for a team. In games like cricket, you have to use strategy. But here everyone has a personal way of playing and I wouldn’t give anybody advice until they come for it,” he says. Besides his career and success in golf, Digvijay Singh is famous for another reason — his sister is the famous actress Chitrangada Singh. He fondly calls her Tina and seems unaffected by her popularity and comfortable being recognised as her brother in public. 

“Tina is an actor but that is just a line of work. It doesn’t matter if people call me her brother. She is way younger than me and we are very close,” says Digvijay. “Both Jyoti and I watch her films and criticise her roles,” he adds. Personally, he admits he loved her performance in the film Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi and the more recent Desi Boyz.

“She did a great job in Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi. She did well in Desi Boyz too, but I thought she could have done with a meatier role in the film,” he says, signing off.