Advocates face flak from HC judges

Advocates face flak from HC judges

Refusing to completely withdraw the police force from the City Civil Courts premises, Chief Justice Vikramjit Sen on Thursday sternly told the Advocate Association Bangalore (AAB) to call off its ongoing strike.

K N Subba Reddy, president of AAB, who appeared before the Court in the morning appealed to withdraw the police completely from the premises. He also promised to persuade the advocates to give up the protest. “First withdraw the protest, then we will think of what to do,” the Chief Justice said.

When the AAB president tried to tell him that no action was taken against anybody and pointed out that even the demands of the advocates to sack the Director General and Inspector General of Police and the City Police Commissioner for the March 2 incident had not been met, the Chief Justice said, “Everything must happen as per the rule of the law.”

Reddy cited the Chennai High Court incident where the Chief Justice had initiated suo motu action against police for entering the court premises and said that the same was expected here. However, the Chief Justice said that the situation here was different and made it clear that he would not interfere in this.

Meanwhile, the agitating advocates were at the receiving end at Justice Sreedhar Rao’s court also.

He said, “Is there no end to this. You forget the law and system when you talk.”