Delhi youth want minimum age for drinking to be lowered

Delhi youth want minimum age for drinking to be lowered

The survey, carried out by the voluntary organisation Campaign Against Drunken Driven (CADD), spoke to 1,000 people in the city, including 761 from the age group of 16-24.
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“Nearly 16 percent of the 16-18 years age group consume alcohol on a weekly basis and around 12 percent of the under-age drinkers spend Rs.1,000 on alcohol on a weekly basis,” the study revealed.

CADD head Prince Singhal said here Saturday: “The survey found that there is a demand for bringing down the current drinking age from 25 years to 21 years. I believe that it should not be lowered below 21 as teenage drinking is too dangerous.
“While suggesting the age of 21, we should not forget that teenage drinking is one of the major causes of drunken driving accidents. Nearly 38 percent of those who die of drunken driving in India (total 90,000 deaths) are below the age of 18.”
The study says that only one percent of the respondents in the age group of 22-24 years felt that the current age limit is a deterrent to their drinking pattern but nearly 69 percent in the age group of 20-22 felt the limit was unreasonable.
Singhal said over 35 percent teenagers in the age group of 16-18 years get their alcohol from government-owned liquor shops.

According to the study, over 75 percent in the the age group of 22-24 years felt that 21 is ideal and realistic age for drinking.

Singhal said that besides lowering the age limit, the survey also recommends bringing a new underage drinking law and replacing the current Punjab Excise Act with a New Delhi Excise Act.

“Many respondents argued that if we are old enough to vote and marry at 18 then why should the minimum age for drinking be 25 years? But I believe that it is a proven fact that teenage alcoholism is rising and it should not be promoted further.”
Singhal said in Delhi the legal age of 25 years is openly flouted with most bars and clubs serving even to school children.