Women stage stir for drinking water supply at Tarikere

Women stage stir for drinking water supply at Tarikere

Residents from more than 200 houses of Ashraya Extension of Galihalla Cross protested against the administrations on Tuesday for failing to provide proper drinking water.

Villagers gathered near a water tank built under third phase of drinking water project, showing empty containers as a symbol their plight.

Speaking to the reporters protesters alleged that, water is being supplied only for ten minutes in a day and they are struggling to fulfill their water requirements.

They said that due to poor quality of work, water is leaking from the water tank. The condition is so bad that the tank cannot be used to store water any more.

They said that they have been facing water crisis from 2002 and the reason for the crisis is lack of maintenance of the water sources.

“There are no bore wells in this area. We have to depend on the water which is being supplied by Town Municipal Council,” said a protester

Meanwhile Tarikere Town Municipal Council Chief Officer K M Satyanarayan has said that the council has prepared an action plan to supply 24 hour water for Ashraya extension from the over head tank, near MESCOM office using a six inch pipeline, under 12th Finance Plan, but the project has been delayed because of a stay order by the State High Court.

He assured that the council would provide water to residents in tankers.