'Question paper leak happens every year'

'Question paper leak happens every year'

Private tuitions in Kolar and Chikkaballapur are involved in the racket, say students

The leak of II PU Mathematics question paper recently in Chintamani of Chikkaballapur has not surprised people in both Kolar and Chikaballapur districts. 

However, they were surprised to know how the racket, systematically carried out every year, did come to light. 

In Chikkaballapur

For years the question papers of the II PU and SSLC exams were leaked out. The public suspect the involvement of some lecturers who indulge in private coaching illegally. The arrest of the lecturers in Kolar and Chikkaballapur constituency has only reaffirmed their suspicion.

The lecturers employed in the government colleges open tuition centres in the name of their kith and kin and make the misuse of several provisions, such as leisure period and a limited workload, given to them for skill enhancement. They spend most of their time in their tuition centre and conduct classes for only two or three hours in the college. Their earning from the tuition is double their pay package and some of them even force their students to join the tuition centre. The students, who are deprived of quality teaching in the regular classes are forced to take the tuition, said an educationist. 

Some of these lecturers have even opened schools and colleges. They purchase the question papers to benefit their students. Every student would be asked to pay a fixed sum to get the copy of leaked out question paper, sources said.

They lure the students during the admission, time flaunting their records of having cent per cent results and highest scorers. 

They even give their students ‘most-likely’ questions which are, sometimes, nothing but those chosen from the leaked out question papers, said an employee of a prestigious college in the city.

In Kolar

Lecturers were seen helping the students, just a day prior to exam, with ‘definite’ questions going to appear. In one of the private colleges in Kolar, in the name of Saraswathi pooja, some the students were called aside and were given the ‘definite’ questions, allege students.

Lecturers involved in private tuitions is the main reason behind lecturers leaking the question papers, say the students. It is said that the lecturers giving tuitions are more bothered about popularising their tuition classes than result of the colleges. Thus, those lecturers  get hold of question papers before the exam and provide ‘their’ students with questions, so they will get better number of students next year for tuitions.


In an interesting expose, it is found that some of the lecturers of the college which is under scanner and the dismissed lecturers are ex colleagues. 

It is said that some of the lecturers of government college who were giving tuitions had sought voluntary retirement and had started a private college leading to an understanding between both also might be a reason behind question paper leak. In another interesting information, it is found out that the dismissed lecturers of Boys and Girls Government College in Srinivaspur are husbands of members of administrative board of Chintamani College, charged of involvement in leaking of question papers.

At a time when Kolar is gearing up to better its SSLC rank from last year, this scandal is suerly a hindrance.

Slaves at tutorial

A situation has been created where students joining tutorials run by the lecturers has been almost made mandatory. It is said that students coming from cities do not face much problem. But students from rural areas are targeted here. Apart from paying the hefty fee for tuitions, they are also expected to get various crops, vegetables or flowers grown in their farm, for free.

“During the tuitions, if some material at the home of lecturer is missing, a family member tells it loudly. Any one of the  student in the tuition is called out and is asked to get the material.

After getting it students do not dare to ask for the money. In case any students denies to get it, then he or she is sure to score low in examinations,” said a student.