Post leak, laxity galore

Post leak, laxity galore

The leak of II PU question papers has opened a can of worms at the Pre-University Education department. 

While the officials are busy keeping up promises of “righting the system” not everything appeared right at Government Boys’ Pre-University College, Malleswaram, the distribution centre for question papers.

As trucks lined up to load question papers, grim-looking officials were seen milling about, taking orders from their seniors. In a corner, stood Rashmi V Mahesh, the Commissioner, DPUE, with her colleagues overseeing the process. She said, the place was “out of bounds.”

Question papers were being transported on a Saturday, knowing well that they will reach their destination only on Sunday, a holiday. 

But the department had no option, given the fact that Chemistry question paper has also been leaked and it had to print another set of question paper. They had to be transported.

A circular from the Department of Public Instruction, dated March 24, instructs all treasures and custodians of question papers to be present at the designated spot at various centres on Sunday to collect what it terms “secretive items.”

However, the distribution centre was filled with a bunch of people holding unsealed envelops that could even contain a set of question paper.

‘Out of bounds’

The police, posted to check trespassing and entry of unauthorised persons, even if they had obtained some form of clearance were seen allowing ‘random’ persons to gain entry into the building that must have been, in the words of several senior DPUE officials, “out of bounds.”

Although the department did everything to indicate that a reformed and more secure system, at least in terms of physical protection was in place with cops even outside the DPUE office, the personnel remained lax. Some even were found cleaning their weapons.

With the Criminal Investigation Department already having pointed its fingers at a probable compromise at the Commissioner’s office, the department surely has a long way in securing the careers of lakhs of students.