Ammunition for shooting to get cheaper soon

Ammunition for shooting to get cheaper soon

The Ordnance Factory Board for the first time has started manufacturing bullets for .22 rifles – much needed ammunition for Indian shooters for which they had to rely on foreign countries and buy them at a much higher rate.

“We are manufacturing ammunition for shooting rifles. The ammunition will be of great help for the Indian shooters as they will not have to travel overseas to procure them at a higher rate” Chairman and director general of OFB, Sasha Dhar Dimri told Deccan Herald in Kolkata.

The Ordnance Factory has recently purchased a modern a set of machines from Liege in Belgium and started manufacturing the ammunition in the Ordnance Factory in Pune mainly for Indian shooters.  

“The ammunition manufactured in Pune after the procurement of the new set of machines will fit into all modern and mechanized shooting rifles,” Secretary of OFB Ravi Kant told Deccan Herald.

“Most of the Indian shooters procure ammunition from England or from Germany because of the quality and accuracy. If we can get the same in our country, why travel abroad? This will save our money, our time and energy” Karmakar who will be visiting England on March 28 for procuring ammunition said.

Referring to the high cost factor, Karmakar who will be representing Indian in the 50 metre prone rifle event, said “The minimum requirement is 25 to 30 thousand per year and each costs around Rs 25 to 30. So it is easily understandable the cost factor involved in the game”.

However the National Rifle Association of India didn’t sound very hopeful about the manufacture of ammunition in the country.

“Actually the main problem lies with the design, accuracy and quality. Unless that matches international standards, it will be of no use to the shooters” a member of NRAI said.

“So before marketing the ammunition the shooters should be allowed to test the quality so that they don’t get into problems after buying the ammunition” the member added.  

Liege in Belgium, one of the oldest centres for manufacturing guns and it is known for its tradition and quality.